Jin Heo

A PhD Student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech

About Me

Hi, I'm a first-year PhD student in computer science. I'm co-advised Ada Gavrilovska and Alexey Tumanov.
My research interests include edge computing and machine learning inference systems. I'm working on a project applying edge computing to AR/VR usecases with Prof. Gavrilovska. With Prof. Tumanov, we are developing a real-time inference system. More details are in the project section.
My resume is available HERE.


Acceleration Framework for FPGA Implementation of OpenVX Graph Pipelines

Sajjad Taheri, Jin Heo, Payman Behnam, Jeffrey Chen, Alexander Veidenbaum, Alexandru Nicolau, Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM), 2018 IEEE 26th Annual International Symposium on. IEEE, 2018
Paper Link

A Study on Performance Improvement with Minio File Server on Flask Web Server

Jin Heo, WonKyo Choi, JaeMan Son, HunChul Park, DaeGyun Yoon, Proceedings of Symposium of the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, 2018.6, 914-915(2 pages)
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Parallel Architectures and Systems Lab, UC Irvine

Research Fellow

  • Implement computer vision algorithm modules for FPGA framework compatible with OpenCL and Intel OpenVX
  • Optimize the computer vision algorithm implementations for FPGA

Ajou Computer Communications Lab, Ajou Univ


  • Investigate network protocols for developing a continuous communication system for devices in tactical networks
  • Suggest a network protocol stack for continuous communications among devices in tactical networks

Data61, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


  • Develop a Glossy communication system in Wireless Sensor Network with Contiki OS
  • Analyze the radio module of Texas Instrument Sensortag in low level

Republic of Korea Army

IT Professional

  • Implement real-time PC management systems
  • Maintain the backend server of military hospitals
  • Reverse enginnering for a USB detection application


Under construction


Georgia Institute of Technology

August 2019 - August 2024 (expeced)

PhD program in School of Computer Science, College of Computing

Ajou University

March 2016 - August 2018

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

National Institute for Lifelong Education

March 2015 - February 2016

Associate of Science in Information Processing

Chungkang College of Cultural Industries

March 2011 - 2015 July

Attended for freshman year

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