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I'm a 5th year CS PhD student at Georgia Tech and working with Ada Gavrilovska. I'm also co-advised with Alexey Tumanov. My academic trajectory was initially started after my early career for pro gamer, igniting my interest in the intersection of computer science and video game design/development. They significantly shapes my current research pursuits.

My primary focus lies in constructing infrastructures tailored for interactive multimedia applications, aimed at fostering more immersive user experiences. Throughout my doctoral journey, I've concentrated on projects within the realm of Extended Reality (XR), encompassing AR, VR, and MR.

From the system perspective, I've delved into optimizing XR workloads, particularly in rendering and perception, seeking out unique opportunities to enhance both user experiences and system resource efficiency. Additionally, I've spearheaded the development of adaptive systems that systematically leverage these optimizations. Furthermore, my research extends to addressing challenges faced by mobile users on resource-constrained devices. I've explored distributed systems for edge computing, aiming to enhance performance in these environments. Additionally, I've contributed to the advancement of efficient compression methods for emerging multimedia and sensory data communication.

My resume is available here.

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